Play Xmas Float Connect 2023

What is Xmas Float Connect 2023

Xmas Float Connect 2023 is a delightful puzzle game that embodies the festive cheer of the holiday season. Your objective is to connect pairs of identical Christmas items scattered across the board using a path that allows no more than two 90-degree angles. However, be mindful, as some levels feature floating item tiles, adding an extra layer of challenge to your gameplay experience. With a total of 27 captivating levels, each stage presents its own unique set of intricacies and difficulties. As you progress, the floating tiles may drift to various directions - bottom, upper, left, right, center, or even split apart, necessitating strategic thinking and quick decision-making to successfully match the pairs. The key to triumph lies in your ability to navigate through the board, identifying matching Christmas items and forming connections with a limited number of turns. Efficiency and precision are crucial to clear the board, removing all pairs of identical items before advancing to the next level. To enhance your gaming experience, there's an added incentive to complete levels within a specified time frame. Achieving this feat unlocks extra bonuses, adding an element of urgency and excitement to your quest. Immerse yourself in the joyful ambiance of the holiday season while tackling the entertaining challenges presented by Xmas Float Connect 2023. Sharpen your cognitive skills, embrace the holiday spirit, and revel in the satisfaction of solving each level's puzzle in this engaging and festive game.

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