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What is Among Float Connect

Among Float Connect is an engaging mahjong-connect game that challenges players to pair up identical among items while navigating a path with specific constraints. The goal is to clear the board by connecting two of the same among items using a path that doesn't exceed two 90-degree angles. However, the game introduces an added twist by incorporating floating tiles in certain levels. Players must strategically match the among items while adapting to the dynamic movement of the floating tiles. These tiles can float in various directions, including upward, downward, leftward, rightward, or even split into different directions, adding an extra layer of complexity to each level. With a total of 27 progressively challenging levels, players will encounter increasing difficulty as they advance through the game. To further incentivize skillful gameplay, completing a level within a specified time frame awards bonus points, encouraging players to strategize efficiently and swiftly. Among Float Connect provides an entertaining and mentally stimulating experience, blending the classic mahjong-connect mechanics with innovative floating tile dynamics across a diverse range of levels.

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