Play Christmas Block Challenge

What is Christmas Block Challenge

Christmas Block Challenge is a captivating puzzle game where players strategically position festive blocks on a 10x10 grid. By skillfully placing these blocks, your aim is to complete rows or columns, each consisting of 10 blocks, in order to gather all the Xmas Collectibles nestled within them. The primary goal is to amass all the collectibles scattered across the board. Engage your tactical prowess as you arrange the vibrant and merry blocks, orchestrating their placement to form complete lines vertically or horizontally. Every successful completion of a row or column will reveal delightful Xmas Collectibles, adding to the festive joy of the game. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate holiday block strategist and unwrap all the delightful surprises hidden within this cheerful challenge? Embrace the seasonal spirit, exercise your puzzle-solving skills, and revel in the quest to collect all the heartwarming festive treasures!

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