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What is Differences

Differences is a html5 puzzle game. In this game, the player is presented with two seemingly identical images side by side. The player's task is to find and identify the differences between the two images. These differences could be subtle variations in the placement or color of objects, or completely new objects that have been added to one of the images. To play the game, the player can use their mouse or finger to click on the differences they spot. As they progress through the game, the differences may become more and more difficult to find, requiring the player to closely inspect each image and use their observation skills to locate them. In some versions of the game, there may be a timer that adds an element of pressure and challenges the player to find the differences as quickly as possible. There may also be a scoring system in place, where the player can earn points for each difference they correctly identify. Overall, Differences is a fun and challenging puzzle game that tests the player's attention to detail and ability to spot even the most subtle of differences between two seemingly identical images.

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