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What is Crab & Fish

Crab & Fish is an engaging puzzle game that captivates with its simplicity and addictive gameplay mechanics. Immerse yourself in a world of physics-based puzzles where you'll embark on a quest to free the fishes and indulge in friendly competition with your pals. Challenge yourself with intriguing puzzles that demand strategic thinking and skillful maneuvers to liberate the colorful fishes trapped within. As you progress, the puzzles become increasingly intricate, offering a delightful blend of challenge and entertainment. Compete with your friends and revel in the thrill of friendly rivalry. The more friends you invite to join the fun, the greater your chances to emerge victorious. Rally your friends and showcase your puzzle-solving prowess to claim the top spot. Don't miss the opportunity to be a hero for the ocean! Dive into Crab & Fish, where every puzzle solved brings you closer to the noble cause of saving the vibrant marine life. Join the quest, unravel the puzzles, and experience the joy of rescuing aquatic friends in this delightful and rewarding adventure.

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