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What is Is It Golf

Is It Golf is a riotous arcade game merging the refined sport of golf with a whimsical twist. Featuring vibrant 3D models, this game is a delightful deviation from traditional golf norms. In this eccentric rendition, players assume control of a diverse array of starting models: a golf ball, a sheep, a car, a chicken, and even a closestool, all in pursuit of reaching the marked flag at every level. The objective remains rooted in the essence of golf—navigate obstacles and reach the target. However, the charm of this game lies in the unconventional challenges and the need for players to navigate varied terrains and obstacles. Precise control over the launching power is crucial, adding an element of skill and strategy. The dynamic gameplay requires players to gauge and adjust the launch force to propel their chosen model towards victory while steering clear of unforeseen hurdles, like drums strategically placed throughout the course. With its quirky lineup of playable characters and unpredictable course layouts, Is It Golf promises a blend of amusement and challenge, making each level a delightful test of skill and creativity.

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