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What is Sticka Stacka

Sticka Stacka invites you into a thrilling world of puzzle-solving excitement! Engage in this captivating sliding puzzle game that challenges you to rearrange fragmented pieces and uncover the ultimate image. Featuring a whopping 130 levels, each stage presents a unique challenge for your problem-solving prowess. Can you conquer them all? Race against time as you strive to complete each puzzle within the allocated timeframe. Achieving success within the time limit rewards you with a shining star and grants access to the unlocked picture. These unlocked images await a special place in your Sticker Book. Will you be able to gather and collect them all? Dive into Sticka Stacka's addictive gameplay, where every solved puzzle unlocks a mesmerizing picture, offering a satisfying sense of accomplishment. Challenge your mind, sharpen your skills, and embark on an adventure filled with fun and delightful challenges.

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