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What is Grinch Chase Santa

Grinch Chase Santa is an exciting free runner arcade game that puts you in the shoes of Santa Claus as he races through a winter wonderland collecting coins. The Grinch, an infamous holiday thief, is hot on your tail, determined to steal your coins and ruin Christmas. You'll have to use all of your agility and quick thinking to outrun the Grinch and collect as many coins as possible. As you run through the snow-covered locations, you'll have to jump over obstacles, slide under barriers, and collect power-ups to boost your speed and agility. The more coins you collect, the more powerful Santa becomes, allowing you to outrun the Grinch and collect even more coins. The game features a beautiful winter-themed environment, with festive decorations, colorful characters, and a catchy soundtrack that will keep you running and jumping for hours on end. With challenging levels and a high replayability, Grinch Chase Santa is the perfect game to get you in the holiday spirit.

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