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What is Funny Blade & Magic

In Funny Blade & Magic, you step into the shoes of a goblin hero who's been betrayed by a deceitful uncle, cunningly stripped of his rightful legacy. This gripping adventure game beckons you into a world teeming with action and intrigue. Engage in adrenaline-pumping close combat, armed with a diverse array of weapons encompassing swords, axes, and hammers. Yet, your prowess extends beyond the physical realm. Embrace the exhilarating might of magic as you harness an assortment of spells and abilities. Manipulate time through the intriguing power of time dilation and traverse the battlefield swiftly using the art of teleportation. Prepare yourself for monumental clashes against an array of unique bosses and enemies, each possessing distinctive abilities and employing diverse tactical maneuvers. Your journey through Funny Blade & Magic is punctuated by captivating cutscenes that whisk you away into the heart of this extraordinary universe, immersing you in its captivating narrative and richly detailed landscapes.

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