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What is Squid Battle Simulator

Squid Battle Simulator is an exciting strategy game where you get to control a massive army of squids and lead them into battle against enemy forces. As the commander of your squid army, you will have access to a variety of different units, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Your army will consist of players and soldiers who will be your primary fighters, as well as managers, front men, and workers with coffins who will provide essential support during the battle. You will need to strategically deploy your units, taking into account the terrain and the enemy's position, in order to maximize your chances of victory. As the battle rages on, you will have the opportunity to observe how your shooters are firing at the enemy, and adjust your strategy accordingly. You can also take control of a doll that watches enemies and kills those who move, further adding to the intensity of the battle. Your ultimate goal is to crush all of your enemies and emerge victorious. To do so, you will need to show off your tactical skills and prove that you are the best general in the world. With intense battles, strategic gameplay, and plenty of opportunities to showcase your leadership abilities, Squid Battle Simulator is a thrilling and engaging game that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

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