Play Fruit Juices

What is Fruit Juices

Fruit Juices is an exciting new puzzle game that challenges players to prepare various types of fruit drinks simultaneously. As you enter the game, you'll encounter a platform displaying an assortment of fruit slices. Positioned on opposite sides of the platform are sharpened pins. At the lower part of the screen, two empty glasses are waiting, each with a label indicating the specific juice it should contain. Your task is to skillfully maneuver a fruit slice using your mouse, applying just the right amount of force to make it perch securely on one of the pins. As the fruit rests on the pin, its juice begins to flow into the designated glass. Your objective is to fill each glass with the correct liquid, earning points with each successful pour. Fruit Juices combines precision and strategy, challenging players to carefully select their fruit slices and plan their movements to achieve the perfect juice combinations. It's a fun and engaging game that tests your dexterity and decision-making skills while creating delicious fruit juices.

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