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What is Sorting Sorcery

Sorting Sorcery is an enchanting puzzle game set in a mystical realm where all the magical ingredients are in disarray. Pots, crystals, mushrooms, and various other bewitching items are scattered throughout the magic castle, challenging players to unleash their organizational prowess. Your task is to restore order to the chaos by skillfully sorting the witches' and wizards' belongings. The game offers a delightful challenge, urging players to sharpen their strategic thinking to solve each level efficiently. As you delve into the whimsical world of Sorting Sorcery, the goal is to minimize the number of moves, thereby earning a higher score for each level. The true wizards among players can aim for the coveted three stars in every level, showcasing their mastery in puzzle-solving. Embark on a journey through fifty captivating levels, each presenting a unique array of witchy, spooky, and magical ingredients to discover and arrange. The immersive gameplay encourages players to plan their moves wisely, adding an extra layer of depth to the puzzle-solving experience. Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting universe of Sorting Sorcery, where wit and magic intertwine in a spellbinding adventure of order and organization.

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