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What is Fit Cats

Fit Cats is an engaging puzzle game where the adorable feline companions demonstrate their affinity for boxes. Your objective is to launch cats of various sizes into a box, creating a delightful merging spectacle when two cats of the same size collide. Witness the amalgamation of cats into larger, more majestic felines as you progress through the levels. Utilize your mouse to strategically maneuver individual cats out of the box, adding an element of control and precision to your gameplay. Keep an eye out for fleeting opportunities to catch mice, which grant you the coveted ability to expel any cat from the box at will. Embark on a journey to unlock an array of charming cats, each with its own unique characteristics and quirks. Can you conquer the challenge and unlock every cat in this delightful puzzle adventure? Dive into Fit Cats and let the merging madness begin!

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