Play Count and Bounce

What is Count and Bounce

Count and Bounce is an engaging puzzle game that puts your skills to the test as you guide a ball through a series of challenges. With a simple premise, the game tasks you with controlling the movement of a ball by manipulating tiles strategically placed along its path. As you progress, the ball steadily advances, propelled by your initial guidance. Your objective is to carefully adjust the orientation of the tiles to ensure the ball's continued motion without falling into oblivion. Each tile presents a turning point, offering you the opportunity to redirect the ball's trajectory and keep it on course. However, the challenge doesn't end there. Interspersed among the tiles are calculation questions, adding an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay. These questions demand your quick thinking and decision-making skills as you select the most suitable tile to bounce the ball, taking into account the number of balls at your disposal. With its intuitive mechanics and stimulating puzzles, Count and Bounce promises an enjoyable experience for players of all ages. So release your hand, let the ball roll, and embark on a journey filled with fun challenges and strategic thrills!

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