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What is Bowling of the Death

Bowling of the Death is a unique and challenging game where players use super bowling balls to defeat an army of zombies. The game features intense and fast-paced gameplay that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking. Players must use their skills and cunning to protect their base from hordes of zombies that are marching towards it. In the game, players are equipped with powerful super bowling balls that can destroy anything in their path. They must use these balls to smash zombies into oblivion, earning money for every zombie defeated. With this money, players can then purchase upgrades and new weapons to improve their chances of survival. Bowling of the Death offers an extensive range of upgrades and weapons that can be used to enhance the player's performance. From upgrading their balls to unlocking powerful special abilities, players will have everything they need to take on the zombie horde. The game also features an engaging storyline that adds to the excitement of the gameplay. Whether you are a fan of action-packed arcade games or just love to knock things down with a bowling ball, Bowling of the Death is the perfect game for you. So, get ready to bowl some zombies and earn your place in the annals of history!

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