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What is Dead Locked

Dead Locked is a thrilling retro-style shooter game that takes you on a journey through a dangerous laboratory filled with various monsters and zombies. The game is set in a dark and creepy environment, where the player is trapped and must fight their way out. Your goal is to survive by shooting everything in your path and overcome the relentless waves of monsters that are trying to take you down. The game features fast-paced action with an old-school feel, as you shoot your way through hordes of zombies and other creatures. With an arsenal of powerful weapons at your disposal, you must aim precisely and shoot with deadly accuracy. The controls are simple, making it easy for anyone to jump in and start playing. The graphics are pixelated, giving the game a classic arcade feel, and the sound effects are intense and help build the tension. The levels are challenging, but with a little bit of practice, you'll soon be able to take down even the toughest of enemies. Dead Locked is the perfect game for fans of retro shooters and survival horror games. With its adrenaline-pumping action, classic graphics, and intense sound effects, you'll find yourself completely immersed in the game, and it will be hard to put down. Get ready to experience one of the most thrilling retro-style shooter games on the web today!

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