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What is 3D Touch

3D Touch is an engaging puzzle adventure that challenges your logic and spatial reasoning. Within this game, cubes await your strategic taps to create potential pathways. Each cube tap sets off a chain reaction, leading to subsequent selections, but once a cube is tapped, there's no turning back. Your objective? Ensure every cube is chosen within the maze-like structure. With 100 meticulously crafted levels, the game offers a progressive difficulty curve, gradually introducing new challenges to keep you engaged. As you navigate through the puzzles, you'll unravel increasingly complex configurations, requiring sharp analytical thinking and foresight. Beyond conquering levels, players have the opportunity to amass coins scattered throughout the gameplay. These coins enable the customization of your experience by unlocking an array of vibrant skins. Personalize your journey with these skins, adding a touch of flair to your puzzle-solving endeavors. Embark on a journey that teases your mind and tests your problem-solving abilities. 3D Touch is not just a game; it's a cerebral adventure, promising an immersive and satisfying experience with each level you conquer.

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