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What is Toilet Rush

Toilet Rush is an engaging puzzle game that challenges players to assist a boy and a girl on their quest to reach the toilet without encountering obstacles or overlapping paths. The game's objective is to strategically guide each character to their respective toilets, employing the use of drawings to create a clear and obstacle-free route. Players must exercise their problem-solving skills and spatial awareness to ensure seamless navigation for the characters. By utilizing creative and intuitive drawings, players can carve out paths that avoid hindrances, allowing the boy and girl to relieve themselves without any complications. The game offers a unique and entertaining experience as players tackle each level, progressively increasing in complexity. Success requires a blend of quick thinking, planning, and artistic expression to masterfully guide the characters through the intricate maze-like challenges. Toilet Rush is a delightful puzzle adventure that promises hours of fun as players creatively craft the perfect routes for the characters to reach their much-needed destination.

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