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What is Sticky Road

In Sticky Road, players delve into an adrenaline-pumping racing experience unlike any other. This spin-off from the iconic game Happy Wheels takes a wild turn as you transform into a spirited elderly man navigating challenging courses from the comfort of a wheelchair. Embrace the unexpected thrill of hurtling through obstacle-laden landscapes in a race against time. The gameplay revolves around the eccentricity of maneuvering a wheelchair through treacherous terrains. Balancing becomes your lifeline as you strive to conquer perilous obstacles that threaten the safety of the intrepid old man. Each hurdle presents a potential hazard, capable of leading to a harrowing demise. Survival hinges on your ability to deftly navigate through these hazards, showcasing your skill and resilience in the face of danger. Your mission is clear: navigate through increasingly complex levels, brimming with traps and hazards, to reach the ultimate goal. With each successful run, more exhilarating and challenging gameplay unfolds, rewarding your determination with new and exciting experiences. Prepare for an unpredictable journey filled with twists and turns, where every move counts and the stakes couldn't be higher. Embrace the thrill, defy the odds, and guide the brave old man through the Sticky Road to triumph!

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