Play Stickman Archer 2

What is Stickman Archer 2

Stickman Archer 2 is an exciting action game that puts you in the shoes of a stickman archer. Your objective is to destroy your enemies with your trusty bow before they kill you. The game is fast-paced and requires quick reflexes and accurate aim to succeed. To play Stickman Archer 2, you simply need to drag and drop your finger to aim and shoot your bow. As you progress through the levels, you'll encounter increasingly challenging enemies with different abilities and weapons. You'll need to adapt your strategy to each enemy type and make use of cover and obstacles to stay alive. The game features a headshot system, which rewards you with stars for taking down enemies with precise shots to the head. You can use these stars to purchase new upgrades for your character, including new bows, arrows, and armor. These upgrades can help you take on tougher enemies and survive longer in the game. Stickman Archer 2 is a fun and addictive game that offers hours of entertainment. With its simple but engaging gameplay, it's easy to pick up and play, but challenging enough to keep you coming back for more. If you enjoy action games and archery, Stickman Archer 2 is definitely worth checking out.

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