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What is Squid Collection

Squid Collection is an engaging puzzle game set in an underwater world where the objective is to gather squid-themed items to advance through various levels. To embark on your squid-collecting journey, simply initiate the game by tapping on any Easter-themed item. Once you begin, use your mouse cursor or fingertip to trace a path across identical adjacent items, whether horizontally, vertically, or diagonally aligned. Your goal is to select a minimum of three matching items. Once you've highlighted your chosen items, release the mouse button to create a match. A key strategy lies in achieving a sequence of matches. Every sixth item matched triggers a valuable bonus, enhancing your progress. Furthermore, if you manage to gather more than seven items in a single move, you'll receive a time bonus, aiding you in your quest to collect the target squid items. However, the challenge intensifies as you race against the clock. You must collect the specified number of squid items within the allocated time frame to proceed to the next level. Fail to meet the objective within the time limit, and unfortunately, the game ends. As you navigate through levels, the difficulty escalates, introducing more complex patterns and challenging time constraints. Your success is measured by how far you progress in the game. How many levels can you conquer in your pursuit of gathering the elusive squid items? Test your skills and aim for the highest level possible in this addictive and entertaining squid-collecting puzzle adventure!

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