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What is Sort Parking

Sort Parking is an engaging puzzle game where the challenge lies in organizing cars by their types within parking lots. The primary objective is to efficiently arrange the cars while adhering to specific rules and limitations. Players are tasked with arranging cars by their distinct types, ensuring each vehicle is parked appropriately within the allocated parking space. A key rule involves avoiding parking in a full lot, adding an extra layer of complexity to the puzzle-solving process. Moreover, cars of different types cannot be placed in front of one another, requiring strategic placement and thoughtful organization of the parking area. Throughout the game, players have the opportunity to enhance their experience by utilizing coins available within the game. These coins serve as a currency that enables players to increase the variety of car models at their disposal. By acquiring new car models, players can diversify the puzzle-solving experience and explore different strategies to efficiently sort and organize the vehicles. As players progress through various stages, they unlock pieces for different background settings. These pieces contribute to the completion of a background theme. Upon successfully matching pieces of the same type, the background is fully assembled, granting players the ability to change and customize the game's backdrop. Sort Parking offers a blend of challenging puzzles, strategic thinking, and incremental rewards, encouraging players to strategize, optimize space, and enjoy the satisfaction of successfully sorting the cars while unlocking new features and customizing their gameplay experience.

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