Play Save the Kitten

What is Save the Kitten

Save the Kitten is an adventurous game where players embark on a mission to rescue adorable kittens who have been lured by the mischievous Angry Cat Tom to his tower. The game tasks players with saving as many kittens as possible by navigating through challenging obstacles and traps set by Angry Cat Tom. In this heart-pounding adventure, players must run through various levels, using quick reflexes to beat off Angry Cat Tom and his minions with a trusty trampoline. As players progress, they encounter increasingly difficult challenges, including precarious platforms, cunning traps, and relentless enemies. The goal is to carry the rescued kittens safely to the basket of Mommy Kitty, who eagerly awaits their return. With each successful rescue, players earn points and unlock rewards, while also fulfilling the hopeful wishes of the kittens who depend on their heroism. In Save the Kitten, the fate of the innocent kittens rests in the hands of the player. Will you rise to the challenge and become their savior?

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