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What is Save Snowman

Save Snowman is a captivating puzzle game set in a wintry landscape where players guide an adorable snowman through increasingly challenging levels. Your primary objective is to protect the snowman from the harmful effects of the sun, which intensifies as the game progresses. As you navigate through the chilly terrain, you must skillfully dodge sun particles that threaten to melt your snowman. To shield your frosty friend from harm, you'll strategically build snow walls along the path, creating barriers to block the sun's rays. With each passing level, the sun's intensity increases, presenting a greater challenge to your survival skills. The game tests your ability to think quickly and plan strategically to outwit the advancing warmth. Compete against yourself or other players for the longest survival time, honing your skills in drawing snow walls to perfection. Only the most skilled players will be able to navigate through the treacherous landscape and emerge victorious in this thrilling winter adventure. Can you save your snowman from the relentless warmth of the sun and emerge triumphant in this icy escapade? Dive into Save Snowman to find out!

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