Play RX7 Drift 3D

What is RX7 Drift 3D

RX7 Drift 3D is a racing game that features the popular Mazda RX-7, specifically the third generation model, also known as the FD type. This car is powered by a rotary engine, which gives it a unique sound and performance characteristics. In this game, players have the opportunity to take the RX-7 for a spin and experience its power and handling for themselves. The game offers a wide-open city environment, allowing players to explore and drive wherever they want. There are no consequences for reckless driving, so players are free to push the limits and test the capabilities of the RX-7. To enhance the driving experience, players can customize the car by changing the wheels, suspension, and other parts. One of the main features of RX7 Drift 3D is the drifting mechanics. Players can perform high-speed drifts around corners and earn points for style and accuracy. The game also features realistic physics and graphics, creating an immersive racing experience. Overall, RX7 Drift 3D is a fun and exciting racing game that allows players to experience the power and handling of the Mazda RX-7. With a wide-open city environment and the ability to customize the car, players have endless possibilities for racing and drifting.

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