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What is Pride Mahjong

Pride Mahjong is a captivating puzzle game that combines the classic gameplay of Mahjong with a delightful culinary twist. In this addictive game, players are tasked with finding and matching three identical tiles featuring various mouthwatering food items, all while embracing the spirit of diversity and inclusivity. The game board is uniquely designed with a special form that can accommodate the placement of seven tiles simultaneously. Each tile on the board is adorned with a vibrant illustration of a delectable dish, ranging from sushi rolls to decadent desserts, representing the rich tapestry of global cuisine. The objective is to strategically identify and match three identical food tiles, which, when successfully connected, are promptly eliminated from the board. This creates space for new tiles to emerge, enabling players to forge new connections and further progress through the game. To add an extra layer of excitement and assistance, Pride Mahjong offers three types of bonuses that players can utilize to make their gaming experience more enjoyable. These bonuses serve as valuable aids in tackling challenging situations and optimizing gameplay. Whether it's a hint that reveals a potential match, a shuffle that rearranges the tiles for a fresh perspective, or a bomb that obliterates a specific tile, these bonuses empower players to navigate through the intricate puzzle with ease and finesse. With its engaging gameplay, visually appealing food-themed tiles, and the inclusion of helpful bonuses, Pride Mahjong offers a delightful and entertaining experience for puzzle enthusiasts and food lovers alike. Prepare to embark on a tantalizing journey filled with color, strategy, and the joy of discovery as you unravel the culinary wonders within the tiles and celebrate diversity through the universal language of food.

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