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What is Pool Party 3

Pool Party 3 makes its triumphant return with the release of its highly awaited third installment, offering a staggering 4000+ levels of aquatic fun and puzzle challenges. Dive into the world of this vibrant water balloon matching game, where the objective is to match colorful water balloons in groups of three or more, all while striving to accomplish distinct level-specific goals. Your ever-enthusiastic companion, Bunni, eagerly awaits your company as you embark on yet another thrilling journey to the lively water park. Together, you'll engage in playful water-themed activities and exercise your brain with a variety of engaging puzzles. This ultimate waterpark adventure is designed to provide you with a refreshing burst of excitement at any time, and it's available for your enjoyment wherever you may be. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of fun and challenge that Pool Party 3 has to offer!

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