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What is Police Pursuit 2

Police Pursuit 2 is an exciting racing and action game where you take on the role of a police officer who is tasked with stopping criminals on the loose. The game is set in a busy city, and you will need to drive your police car through the streets, alleys, and highways in pursuit of the criminals. As you progress through the game, the challenges become more difficult and the criminals become more cunning. You will need to be skilled at driving your police car and be able to make split-second decisions in order to catch the criminals and bring them to justice. The game features multiple levels, each with its own unique challenges and obstacles to overcome. You will need to navigate through traffic, avoid obstacles, and use your car's special features like sirens, nitro boosts, and more to catch the criminals before they escape. In addition to driving and chasing down criminals, you will also need to be careful not to cause too much damage to your police car or the other vehicles on the road. If you crash too much or cause too much destruction, you will fail the level and have to start over. Overall, Police Pursuit 2 is an adrenaline-pumping game that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you chase down criminals and race through the city streets. It's a great game for anyone who loves action-packed driving games or wants to experience the thrill of being a police officer on the chase.

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