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What is Pixel Smash Duel

Pixel Smash Duel is an electrifying 2-player retro-pixel battle game that immerses you in a frenzied, fast-paced showdown. Navigate your character using just 2 buttons, engaging in intense combat either against a friend or challenging the CPU in a relentless struggle for victory. Your primary goal is to assert dominance by utilizing an array of weapons to forcefully push your opponent off the platform. The battlefield demands your agility and strategic prowess as you jostle to maintain footing on the platform while tactically wielding your weapons to outmaneuver your rival. It's a relentless clash where every move counts, intensifying the pulse-pounding excitement. The game unfolds in a series of gripping rounds, each brimming with adrenaline as you strive to be the first to secure 5 wins. With its retro-pixel aesthetics and straightforward controls, Pixel Smash Duel thrusts players into a heart-thumping, chaotic brawl where skill, reflexes, and cunning tactics reign supreme.

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