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What is Organize It

Organize It invites players into a realm of decompression and order, offering a soothing escape from clutter and chaos. In this puzzle game, chaos reigns supreme as everything is scattered in disarray, but amidst the disorder lies an opportunity for heroic organization. Players step into the role of the hero tasked with restoring harmony to the chaos. Through a series of ingenious puzzles, they embark on a journey to bring order to the chaos, one level at a time. Each level presents its own unique challenges, testing the player's strategic thinking and organizational skills. As players progress, they unlock new challenges and opportunities to showcase their ability to bring order to the chaos. With each successfully organized puzzle, players reap the rewards of their efforts, advancing further and striving to become the ultimate master of organization. Organize It offers a rewarding and immersive experience for players of all levels, providing a tranquil escape where finding harmony amidst chaos is the ultimate goal.

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