Play Odd Elimination

What is Odd Elimination

Odd Elimination is an engaging photo puzzle game that captivates players with its unique challenge. Within a cluster of five images, your task is to identify the odd one out. Your keen observation skills will be put to the test as you scrutinize the pictures to discern the one that stands apart from the rest. Careful analysis is crucial, as selecting the incorrect image results in a deduction from your score. Should you encounter difficulty in deciphering the odd picture, a helpful option allows you to unveil the correct image by watching a rewarding advertisement. With a total of 60 levels of escalating difficulty, Odd Elimination offers a progressively challenging experience. Each level poses a new set of images, demanding heightened attention and a discerning eye to successfully identify the odd one out. Aim to conquer all 60 levels to emerge victorious in this intriguing puzzle game.

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