Play Nuts and Bolts: Screw Puzzle

What is Nuts and Bolts: Screw Puzzle

Nuts and Bolts: Screw Puzzle is an engaging puzzle game where players aim to remove bolts from the board by strategically moving them to other bolt holes. The objective is to clear the board entirely of bolts to complete each level. To play, users simply touch the bolt they wish to move and then relocate it to an available bolt hole, thereby eliminating all bolts from the game screen. The challenge lies in finding the optimal sequence of moves to efficiently clear the board. When a bolt becomes stuck, players must skillfully maneuver the remaining bolts to create opportunities for the stuck bolt to drop, ultimately facilitating the completion of the game. With its intuitive mechanics and progressively challenging levels, Nuts and Bolts: Screw Puzzle offers players a stimulating experience that tests their problem-solving skills and strategic thinking.

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