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What is Mad City Metro Escape Story

As a notorious gangster in the infamous Mad City, you've been locked up in the metro for years. But now, it's time to put your cunning and survival skills to the test and find a way out. The metro is heavily guarded, but you have a plan in mind. You've made alliances with other criminals and are ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead. With only a few tools and your wits, you'll have to navigate through the dark and dangerous tunnels, avoid the guards and find a way to escape. With every twist and turn, you'll come face to face with various obstacles and life-threatening situations. But with determination and resourcefulness, you'll overcome them all and finally reach the outside world. But beware, the city is waiting for your return, and they won't make it easy. The Mad City Metro Escape Story is a heart-pumping, action-packed adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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