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What is KiSS ME

KiSS ME is a fun and engaging puzzle game that centers around a loving couple who are trying to find each other. The player must help the couple navigate through various levels filled with obstacles, puzzles, and enemies. The game features a charming storyline where the couple is separated and needs to overcome obstacles to reunite. In KiSS ME, the player needs to complete different puzzles to help the couple move closer to each other. However, they must also be cautious of evil enemies who can harm them. The game provides clear instructions on how to avoid enemies and other obstacles to ensure the safety of the couple. The graphics in KiSS ME are visually stunning, with a variety of colorful and vivid backdrops. The levels are designed in a way that will keep the player engaged and entertained throughout the game. With several levels to complete, players will find plenty of challenges to keep them busy. Overall, KiSS ME is an enjoyable and addictive game that combines puzzle-solving with a charming love story. It is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels and guarantees hours of fun and entertainment.

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