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What is Hot Pot Rush

Hot Pot Rush is an exhilarating culinary adventure that combines the thrill of a running game with the delicious flavors of fondue. In this delightful game, players get to indulge in their personal preferences for hot pot, whether it's the fiery allure of the spicy pot or the comforting allure of the tomato pot. Your objective is to gather an array of enticing hot pots and an assortment of tantalizing ingredients to craft delectable meals for your eager customers. From crisp cabbage and earthy mushrooms to succulent chicken thighs and more, you'll expand your culinary repertoire and keep your patrons coming back for more. But beware, the path to fondue mastery is not without its challenges. Navigate your way through a maze of obstacles that threaten to disrupt your culinary creations. After all, these obstacles won't contribute to your earnings, and your customers expect nothing less than perfection. Join the ranks of aspiring fondue chefs, and embark on this thrilling journey to become the ultimate fondue master. Hot Pot Rush awaits your culinary prowess, and the world of fondue is yours to conquer!

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