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What is Hospital Hustle

Hospital Hustle is an exciting management game that immerses players into the fast-paced world of running a hospital. As the hospital manager, your primary goal is to ensure the well-being of all your patients while keeping the happiness bar at its maximum. In Hospital Hustle, players are responsible for accepting patients and providing them with the necessary care. Patients arrive with various ailments and conditions, and it's your job to guide them through the healing process. To accomplish this, you must utilize a variety of specialized machines designed to diagnose and treat different medical issues. However, managing a hospital is not just about the patients. You'll need to ensure that the machines have a steady supply of resources to function efficiently. This means organizing and transporting resources throughout the hospital, ensuring that the machines are well-stocked and ready for action. To further enhance the hospital's capabilities, players have the opportunity to hire and train staff members. This includes doctors, workers, and receptionists who contribute to the overall efficiency and smooth operation of the hospital. Investing in staff development allows you to upgrade their skills and capacities, enabling them to provide better care and service to the patients. The happiness bar acts as a key indicator of the hospital's success. Keeping it at maximum is crucial as it reflects the satisfaction levels of both patients and staff. To achieve this, you must prioritize patient needs, provide timely treatment, maintain a clean and organized environment, and ensure that your employees are content and well-supported. Hospital Hustle offers a captivating gameplay experience, combining strategic decision-making with time management challenges. With its engaging mechanics and charming graphics, players can immerse themselves in the demanding yet rewarding world of hospital management, making it an enjoyable and addictive game for all.

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