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What is Horde Hunters

Horde Hunters invites you into a relentless world where zombies roam and your only currency is the eradication of the undead. This idle and clicker game challenges you to amass wealth through the relentless slaughter of the undead. Take control from atop a moving vehicle as you rain down bullets upon the approaching hordes. The gameplay revolves around two main mechanics: clicking to shoot zombies and idly earning money from their demise. As you annihilate the undead, you'll accumulate wealth that can be reinvested to enhance your arsenal and maximize your earning potential. Upgrade your firepower by merging soldiers, strengthening your shots, and boosting the monetary rewards for each zombie dispatched. With each level achieved, the intensity of the battle increases, demanding quicker reflexes and strategic upgrades to stay ahead. Horde Hunters delivers an addictive blend of action and strategy as you navigate through waves of zombies, constantly striving to optimize your killing efficiency and accumulate wealth. Are you ready to take on the horde and emerge as the ultimate hunter?

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