Play Hippo Hair Salon

What is Hippo Hair Salon

Hippo Hair Salon offers a delightful and entertaining makeover experience tailored for girls. Engage in a uniquely charming adventure where adorable animals are gearing up for an upcoming party. However, a twist of fate occurs as the original barber falls ill, leaving a void in the salon. In a heartwarming gesture, Hippo steps up to the challenge, taking charge of the hairstyling responsibilities for the furry clients. As a close friend of Hippo, your presence is requested to lend a helping hand in crafting fabulous hairstyles for the party-bound animals. Dive into the world of creativity and imagination as you explore a variety of interesting tools and outfits to enhance the animals' looks. Unleash your styling prowess, experiment with different designs, and ensure the animals leave the salon looking chic and ready to make a statement at the party. Get ready for a fun-filled experience as you join Hippo in this hair salon escapade. Let the styling adventures begin!

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