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What is Heart of Iona

Heart of Iona is an immersive and captivating narrative game that places the player in the role of Ella, a young protagonist who finds herself thrust into a grand adventure on the day of her coronation. This interactive game allows players to influence the story's direction by making choices that shape the fate of the Kingdom of Iona. The game begins with Ella's world turned upside down as the castle she is meant to ascend to the throne in comes under attack. In a twist of fate, she stumbles upon a hidden chamber, where an ancient and powerful dragon has been mysteriously imprisoned. Seizing an opportunity to escape, the dragon becomes Ella's unexpected ally, and together, they embark on a journey that unravels a tapestry of thrilling events. As players guide Ella through this magical realm, they are confronted with numerous choices that test her bravery, intelligence, and compassion. These choices, both big and small, have far-reaching consequences that ripple through the game's narrative, shaping the outcome of Ella's journey and the destiny of the entire kingdom. The story of Heart of Iona is a rich tapestry of adventure, filled with twists and turns, where Ella's character development intertwines with the unfolding plot. Through the ups and downs of her journey, Ella discovers the untapped potential of her own heart, which possesses the extraordinary power to alter the very fabric of Iona's fate. It is through her choices and actions that players can help Ella shape a better future for her kingdom and its inhabitants. Heart of Iona combines elements of fantasy, exploration, and decision-making to provide an immersive gaming experience. The game's enchanting visuals, atmospheric soundtrack, and intricate storytelling draw players into a vibrant world where their choices truly matter. With each playthrough, new paths and possibilities emerge, inviting players to uncover multiple endings and experience the full extent of Ella's remarkable journey. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure in Heart of Iona, where the power of choice lies in your hands, and the destiny of a kingdom rests upon the beating of a young queen's heart.

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