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What is Heart Box

Heart Box is an engaging puzzle game that revolves around the inventive Professor Rat and his creation, Robby, a charming but energy-deprived robot. Fueled by the professor's passion for physics puzzles and all things robotic, players embark on a journey through a series of challenging levels, each designed to test their problem-solving skills. Robby, the endearing little robot, finds himself in a predicament with a perpetually weak battery. To overcome this hurdle, players must interact with a variety of physical objects strategically placed within Professor Rat's elaborate puzzle rooms. These experiments take players on a quest to guide Robby through the challenges and ultimately free him from the clutches of the charger. The game's dynamic and immersive environment allows players to explore the intricacies of physics-based puzzles, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. For those who crave more than just solving puzzles, Heart Box offers a Level Editor feature that empowers players to create and share their own mind-bending challenges. With its blend of inventive gameplay, quirky characters, and a touch of whimsical science fiction, Heart Box provides an entertaining and intellectually stimulating experience for players who enjoy unraveling puzzles and navigating through Professor Rat's ingenious experiments.

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