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What is Graffiti Time

Graffiti Time is back with a bang! Prepare to embark on an electrifying adventure alongside Mr. Fat Cap as he traverses the vast expanse of the universe, armed with nothing but his paint cans and a burning passion for graffiti. In this exhilarating game, you'll need to navigate the urban jungle with stealth and finesse, creating awe-inspiring pieces and tags while staying one step ahead of relentless robotic pursuers. As you navigate the neon-lit streets, you'll discover the power of flight with a double jump that takes your artistic escapades to new heights. Dodge and outsmart the relentless robotic adversaries determined to thwart your creative expression. Your mission? To reclaim the streets and restore their beauty through your unique brand of artistry. But that's not all - Graffiti Time offers a diverse range of gameplay experiences to keep you hooked. Take on thrilling skateboarding race challenges that push your skills to the limit, or dive into a series of challenging mini-games that will test your reflexes and strategic thinking. For those who prefer a more relaxed approach to graffiti, there's a freehand tagging mode that lets you unleash your creativity without constraints. The game's attention to detail shines through in its cool animations, immersing you in a vivid and dynamic world of urban exploration and artistry. What sets Graffiti Time apart is its creator, a real-life graffiti artist, who brings authenticity and passion to the game, ensuring that every tag and piece feels like a genuine work of street art. For fans of the legendary Trane writer and anyone who's ever dreamed of taking their artistic talents to the streets, Graffiti Time is a must-play experience that brings the thrill of getting up to your mobile phone. So grab your mini cruiser board, execute gravity-defying kickflips, and stack up that extra money as you embark on an epic journey to make the streets beautiful once more.

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