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Glam Dress Up - Girls Games is an exciting game tailored for girls who love fashion and style. In this game, you get the chance to unleash your inner fashionista as you play stylist to six stunning supermodels, dressing them in glamorous outfits that will make them shine like stars. With an extensive collection of over 450 items, this game promises endless fashion possibilities. What sets Glam Dress Up apart is its generosity – it offers a vast selection of clothing items completely free of charge. You have the freedom to select any of the six superstar women and create fabulous ensembles from a vast wardrobe of hundreds of items. Experiment with hairstyles and stay on-trend by choosing the perfect outfit for each of these beauties. Diversity is celebrated in this game, featuring six dolls of different races to cater to various tastes and preferences. You'll find an array of 100 tops, 100 skirts, 40 fancy hairstyles, 6 unique backgrounds, and over a hundred accessories at your disposal. With this incredible variety, you can create millions of unique and stylish outfits, ensuring that your creativity knows no bounds. Want to capture your fashion masterpieces? Simply tap the camera icon located in the top-right corner of the screen to take a screenshot and proudly share your creations with your best friends at school. It's an excellent platform to showcase your budding fashionista talents. For those dreaming of a future in the world of fashion design, this game provides a fun way to hone your styling skills. Unlike many other applications, Glam Dress Up stands out for never requiring you to make any in-app purchases. It's a game designed for the love of fashion and creativity, making it a fantastic choice for young fashion enthusiasts to explore their passion without any financial constraints. So, embrace your inner fashion designer and dive into the world of Glam Dress Up, where style knows no limits!

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