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What is Ghost Strike

Ghost Strike is an action-packed multiplayer game that offers intense battles with numerous rival players from all over the world. As a member of the Ghost team, you assume the role of a skilled soldier equipped with a diverse set of weapons, including rifles, pistols, and grenades, to take down all enemy players on various maps. The objective of the game is to eliminate as many opponents as possible and accumulate the highest number of frags, which are points awarded for killing enemies. With each frag, you gain valuable experience points that help you level up and unlock more advanced weapons and gear. The game features different maps with unique layouts and environments, each offering different challenges and opportunities for tactical gameplay. You must use your wits and strategic thinking to navigate through the terrain, find cover, and take down your opponents before they get to you. Ghost Strike is an adrenaline-fueled game that offers hours of exciting gameplay for fans of first-person shooter games. Whether you prefer to go solo or join a team, this game offers plenty of opportunities to test your skills, compete with other players, and emerge victorious as the top ghost team soldier.

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