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What is Get the Stars - Extended

Get the Stars - Extended invites players into a delightful realm of casual puzzles across a vast collection of 100 captivating levels. This engaging game presents a simple yet compelling objective: gather all the stars scattered throughout each area while navigating through intriguing challenges. To progress, players must skillfully acquire keys that serve as gateways to unlocking subsequent stages of the game. Embark on a stimulating journey through diverse landscapes, each level offering a unique blend of puzzles to solve. With its intuitive gameplay mechanics, players will find themselves immersed in a world where strategy and wit are essential to triumph. Maneuver through obstacles, cleverly overcome hurdles, and strategize your moves to efficiently gather every star and unveil the keys leading to the next exciting challenge. Get the Stars - Extended combines simplicity with depth, offering an experience that grows progressively engaging as players advance through the multitude of levels. It's a captivating puzzle adventure that promises entertainment, satisfaction, and the thrill of conquering each level's puzzle to collect all the stars and advance to new, intriguing landscapes.

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