Play Funny Rescue Sumo

What is Funny Rescue Sumo

Enter the world of Funny Rescue Sumo, an engaging care game where you encounter a sumo wrestler in need. The aftermath of a fierce battle has left the sumo in a messy state, requiring immediate rescue. Embrace the role of a caring helper and attend to the sumo's wounds, aiding in their recovery process. From bruises to scratches, your task is to nurse the sumo back to health. But that's not all – in addition to providing medical assistance, you have the unique opportunity to give the sumo a refreshing makeover. Transform their appearance by selecting new attire or even experimenting with different styles. Whether it's a change of outfit or a new hairstyle, your creative touch will uplift the sumo's spirits. Navigate through various levels of care, using your skills and compassion to restore the sumo's well-being. With your support, the sumo will regain confidence and vitality. Are you ready to embark on this heartwarming journey of rescue, recovery, and a delightful makeover for the beloved sumo?

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