Play Fruitways Matching

What is Fruitways Matching

Fruitways Matching is an engaging puzzle game designed to test your strategic thinking and fruit-matching skills. The objective is simple: rearrange the fruits by sliding them into the vacant spaces to form horizontal or vertical rows of three identical fruits. The fewer moves you use, the higher your score climbs. To manipulate the fruits, tap on the fruit you wish to move and then select any unoccupied tile. If there's a clear path between the chosen fruit and the destination tile, the fruit will traverse to its new location seamlessly. Your primary goal is to complete each level before your score dwindles down to zero. However, you can enhance your gameplay by employing special powers strategically. Utilize explosives like Bombs to clear obstacles or secure extra points by matching fruits swiftly. Fruitways Matching challenges you to think ahead, plan your moves meticulously, and exploit the available powers intelligently to conquer levels efficiently and achieve the highest score possible.

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