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What is Forest Match 3

Forest Match 3 immerses players in an enchanting world teeming with natural wonders and mystical surprises. As the third installment in the beloved Match 3 series, this game offers an expansive journey through a magical forest, spanning over 4000 captivating levels. Set against the backdrop of a charming village, players are guided by the whimsical guidance of a fairy companion and a saga map, igniting their sense of adventure from the very start. The objective is to match forest fruits strategically while overcoming level-specific challenges within limited moves. Each level is a delightful blend of strategy and excitement, with hidden coin chests waiting to be discovered amidst the lush foliage. Players must employ their wit and skill to achieve the designated goals, ensuring a thrilling experience with every twist and turn. To aid in their quest, players can utilize a variety of boosters to gain an extra edge and overcome particularly tricky obstacles. Whether it's clearing stubborn obstacles or creating powerful combos, these boosters add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. With its captivating visuals, engaging gameplay mechanics, and seemingly endless levels of challenge, Forest Match 3 promises to transport players on a magical match-3 adventure like no other. Embark on this enchanting journey and discover the wonders hidden within the heart of the forest.

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