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What is Flames & Fortune

Flames & Fortune is an enthralling card game set within the perilous depths of dungeons, drawing inspiration from the beloved Card Crawl mechanics. Take on the role of the Pyro-Paladin, wielding a meticulously crafted deck of 54 cards to confront a myriad of adversaries, ranging from cunning goblins to fearsome dragons. Survival hinges on strategic card management, where each decision shapes your destiny within the shadows. Navigate through the labyrinthine dungeons, where every turn unveils new challenges and opportunities. With each victorious encounter, fortune smiles upon you, showering gold that unlocks powerful new skills and abilities. Your prowess in battle and cunning tactics are the keys to conquering the encroaching darkness and claiming the elusive promise of untold riches. Prepare to delve into a world where every card played is a step closer to victory or defeat, and where mastering the art of card synergy and strategic foresight is the gateway to triumph. Flames & Fortune beckons the bold and the strategic to test their mettle against the relentless forces that dwell within the dungeon's depths.

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