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What is Dodgeball

Dodgeball offers an engaging sports gaming experience, featuring an array of entertaining game modes set in an aquatic environment. Within this dynamic game, players can engage in diverse activities, including matches, underwater wrestling bouts, and an immersive career mode. In the wrestling mode, agility and precision are key as players strive to swiftly strike their opponents and skillfully maneuver them over their adversary. In the soccer game mode, the objective is to outscore opponents by reaching a total of five goals first. With a selection of engaging game modes to choose from, players can delve into a variety of challenges and experiences. Furthermore, the game provides ample opportunities for player customization, allowing individuals to tailor their in-game avatar to their preferences. Immerse yourself in the world of Dodgeball, where thrilling aquatic gameplay and customization options promise an enjoyable and memorable gaming session.

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