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What is Dalgona Candy

Dalgona Candy is not just a puzzle game, it is also a popular Korean confectionery made from melted sugar and baking soda. However, in the context of the Squidly Game Dalgona Candy, it is a puzzle game that requires dexterity and precision to succeed. In this game, the player has to use a needle to carefully remove a chosen shape from a candy mold. The candy mold is hard and fragile, and any wrong move can cause it to break, leading to the game's failure. Therefore, the player needs to be patient and cautious while trying to remove the candy shape. To make things more challenging, the game has a Crack Meter that fills up as the player clicks the button repeatedly to remove the candy. If the Crack Meter reaches the red level, the candy breaks, leading to the game's failure. So, the player needs to balance their clicking speed and caution to succeed. Furthermore, there is a time limit within which the player must remove the candy shape. If they fail to remove the candy within the given time, the game ends, and they have to start over. Overall, Dalgona Candy is a fun and exciting game that challenges the player's dexterity, patience, and precision.

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